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The Best Cloud Solution Provider


Mango Cloud is one of the best cloud service providers which was established in 2008 at the same time when Mango Teleservices Ltd started it journey as IIG in Bangladesh. It was one of the first Data Center (DC) of the then time in the country. Besides, hosting all critical IT and Telecom resources of Mango IIG, ITC, ISP, CA, it also hosted many National Critical Digital resources like entire BD Govt Portal containing 250,000 portals, contents and applications of RJSC, NBR, VAT, A2I, CCA for many years with efficacy and good reputation. It also hosted some critical and sensible digital resources of BD Navy and DSCSC for quite a long time.

Mango Cloud is the best cloud service providers as it is a robust and hybrid cloud solution capable to meet the needs of local businesses and industry regulations. It helps Bangladesh Govt and other private businesses organization to grow digitally and with a speed. It ensures simplified scaling for big data & AI workloads and Keeps data safe and highly secured with encryption. It helps companies significantly reduce their IT costs. It will help to meet the compliance to keep the data inside the country as security compliance, which will be more attractive for all financial organizations to host in the best cloud solution providers.