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On 28-Apr-2010 Mr. Tony Bannister, Head of Technical of Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd., in his email
 From: Tonny Bannister [mailto:tony.bannister@qubee.com.bd] 
To: 'Mir Masud Kabir'
Cc: Biplob Chakma; abdul quaiyum; jerry mobbs; D.S. Faisal Hyder; Mirza Tanvir ; Rejaul Amin Sohail
Subject: RE: Service interruption SMS to your subscribers sent today
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 10:23 AM

Hello Masud,

Our Customer Care department have assured me that they will communicate this to our customers. We really
appreciate what your team has done in order to provide us with the full bandwidth allocation, whilst the
submarine cable is being repaired.

Thanks for all your support.



On 19-Jan-2010 Mr. F.M.Rashed Amin (Biddut), Head of Technical of Link3 Technologies Ltd., in his email
 From: F.M.Rashed Amin
To: 'Mango Support' , 'Abdul Quaiyum' , 'Biplob Chakma'
Cc: technical@mango.com.bd, sushanta paul, 'Md. Niaz Ahmed', accounts@mango.com.bd, 
    bizdevs@mango.com.bd, 'Shafiqul Haque'
Sent: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 20:21:49 +0700 (BDST)
Subject: RE: Link 3 Technologies_DHK  Service Commissioning Letter

Dear All,

Thanks to everybody to update me and to give  me a prompt support. That is why we like Mango. I would 
be great if you kindly support me for my secondary link for redundancy by tomorrow. Mr. Shafiq from 
Link3 will be present at morning  to your office for this issue. Please support him.

NOTE: Special thanks to you (Masud bhai,Biplob Bhai and Quaiyum Bhai)

Best Regards,

F.M.Rashed Amin (Biddut)
Head of Technical | Link3 Technologies Ltd.

On 21-Dec-2008 Mr. Arup Kumar Chaki, CTO of Nreach Net Ltd, in his email
 From: Arup Kumar Chaki [mailto:arup@nreach.net.bd]
Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2008 1:06 PM
To: 'Support'
Cc: aklim.nreach@gmail.com; sah_ismail@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Internet service restoration to the non-congested state

Dear Support,

Its a VERY Good job done by you.

We - the team of Nreach appreciate the tremendous effort you have made not only for availing us the
uninterrupted service in the crucial moment, also you have proven that NON Government establishment
works better and effective than the Government organizations.

With Regards
Chief Technical Officer
Nreach Net Ltd
www.nits.com.bd (WE TRACK VEHICLES)

 First time ever a company from Bangladesh provided us with a formidable business plan and a complete RFP.

 At last the bandwidth seller is asking about our observations and problems and are promising to
resolve the issues.

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