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MANGO ensures digital security for NBR E TIN project

Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 01, 2013- The National Board of Revenue (NBR) launched the portal to obtain taxpayer identification number (TIN) online. Honorable Finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith inaugurated the system titled ‘e-TIN registration’ at a programme at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel on Monday this week.

This is a combined effort by NBR, Bangladesh Election Commission and Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms and an important step towards the dream of “Building Digital Bangladesh”. This online E TIN system will assure the taxpayers to achieve E TIN number along with the TIN certificate in a hassle free and secure manner within shortest possible time, by visiting the dedicated website of NBR–www.incometax.gov.bd.

NBR Officials said this E TIN system will prevent issuance of fake TIN and its misuse in Bangladesh. One of the leading telecom brand and a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) of Bangladesh, “MANGO Teleservices Ltd.” contributed a major role in this E TIN project by ensuring Online Security & Encryption with Digital Signature.

MANGO ensured seamless internet connectivity for the mass during Sub-marine cable maintenance

Dhaka, Bangladesh, July 01, 2013 MANGO Teleservices Ltd. country’s leading private sector IIG (International Internet Gateway) and ITC (Internet Terrestrial Cable) operator ensured uninterrupted internet data traffic service delivery during a scheduled sub marine cable maintenance period today.

During this maintenance period (02.00 AM -06.00 AM) (UTC+06:00) SEA-ME-WE 4 sub marine cable system was completely down from 02.30AM to 03.30 AM. But to ensure seamless internet connectivity to its valued business partners and clients MANGO rerouted the internet data traffic through MANGO ITC service and no outage was experienced in the consumer level. MANGO IIG and ITC Team worked very hard with their carrier partners to ensure this service commitment and MANGO team is extremely proud to contribute in such crisis situation.

Earlier in 2008 and 2010 MANGO also played a major role in restoration of full Internet capacity during SEA-ME-WE 4 sub marine cable system problem.

Mango receives International Terrastrial Connectivity (ITC) license from Bangladesh Telecommunication & Regulatory Commission (BTRC)

Mango ITC License AwardBangladesh Telecommunication Regularity Commission (BTRC) awarded International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) licence to six companies today (5th of Jan 2012) through an auspicious ceremony held at BTRC premise.

As per the licensing terms Mango will start operation within six months onward marked today. At present, Bangladesh runs its international telecommunication connectivity through the lone SEA-ME-WE4 submarine cable. But, the connection is snapped time and again due to different problems. Mango would now be able to connect with the world through an alternative terrestrial optical fibre of the neighbouring country's fibre backbone.

BTRC floated the licensing guidelines on March 31 this year. After completing the necessary process and evaluation, the posts and telecommunications ministry finalised the licence procedure on September 13 2011.

Mango became first IPv6 transit provider of Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh- June 8,2011: We are happy to announce on World IPv6 Day, that Mango Teleservices Limited (International Internet Gateway of Bangladesh) has become the first IPv6 transit provider for Bangladesh on May 2011. Mango has done IPv6 peering with world’s renowned IPv6 Tire-1 transit providers and also with its clients. Mango team is proud to represent Bangladesh in the global IPv6 internet map.

Mango Teleservices Ltd. receives Certifying Authority (CA) License from Controller of Certifying Authority Bangladesh.

Dhaka, Bangladesh -January 19, 2011: The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) Bangladesh handed over officially Certifying Authority (CA) License to Mango Teleservices Ltd along with 5 (five) other local companies at a function at BCC Bhaban in the city. Chief Guest, state Minister Yafes Osman from the ministry of Science, Technology and Communication awarded the license among the licensee. The program was conducted by the honorable CCA and additional secretary Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman.

As a CA, Mango is mandated to provide the electronic certificates for digital signature and authentication, e-Commerce, e-payment, e-procurement, Internet banking and various developments of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the country.

With the introduction of this CA certification, clients will now apply digital signature for various content security and authentication purposes. Mango Teleservices Ltd has developed in house indigenously required software and pertinent architectures required to maintain the certification system as well as to materialize the vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh.

Full Internet capacity restored for Bangladesh by Mango IIG again after Submarine Cable system problem

Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 17, 2010: Mango Teleservices Limited, the private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator successfully restored the full Internet capacity today for Bangladesh after the SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable system problem.

Fault was detected in segment 4 of SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable system on 14th April 2010 at 13:30 BST and Bangladesh lost all communication to the western side of the submarine cable system to Europe and onward. Mango successfully managed to operate at 65% capacity till the full restoration to 100% capacity today at 14:00 BST, when other IIG operator is still operating at less than 40% capacity.

The SEA-ME-WE 4 problem was detected between Alexandria & Marseilles at 1900 Km from Alexandria towards Palermo. The SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable system consortium announced probable repair after 21st April 2010.

Mango IIG team worked hard with their carrier partners to restore the full capacity by creating new routes in the eastern side of the SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable system. Thanks to our customers for their morale support & patience during the restoration process. Mango continues to provide full service & support to its valued customers.

This is the second time Mango IIG successfully restored the total Internet capacity in Bangladesh after cable fault. Mango restored full capacity in 21st December 2008 after similar major submarine cable fault in less than 18 hours when it took others more than 18 days to restore.

About Mango Teleservices

Mango Teleservices Limited is a licensed private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator in Bangladesh. Mango provides IP transit & other services to ISPs & other operators with world-class equipment, network, team and carrier partners. Mango intends to bring affordable quality Internet to the masses of Bangladesh together with all stakeholders, for more information on Mango Teleservices, please visit the website at  www.mango.com.bd.

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Mango provides emergency internet connectivity to Bangladesh Election Commission

Mango Teleservices is proud and honoured to provide internet connectivity to the Bangladesh Election Commission on an urgent basis during the National Election taking place on 29th December 2008. Thanks to the connectivity provided by Mango on an urgent basis with BTRC's due consent and active support, the Commission will be able to announce the election results online from their website at www.ecs.gov.bd

Mango successfully restores total internet capacity after major disaster in the Asia – Europe Submarine Cable System

Dhaka, BANGLADESH, December 21, 2008 - Mango Teleservices Limited, the lone private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) of the country, successfully mitigated a major disaster in the submarine cable systems very efficiently in shortest possible time and is continuing to provide the best quality internet services to the nation by restoring the total capacity without affecting their customers.

As an unprecedented occurrence, three submarine cable systems (SMW3, SMW4 and FLAG) were damaged between Italy & Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea at about 13:30 BST on 19th December 2008. Despite the total loss of the IIG’s all western routes due to cable system damage, the Mango team immediately initiated alternate solution and restored its total internet capacity through eastern routes under very special arrangements by 06:00 BST on 20th December 2008. It is reported that other operators will take minimum one week to resolve it.

As three major cable systems between Asia & Europe are damaged, there is an overall congestion in the global internet traffic domain. But thanks to the quick solution by Mango, mango customers are enjoying full bandwidth capacity. In this regard, Mango sincerely appreciates the support it has been receiving from all of its partners & customers. This is a milestone in the internet history of Bangladesh & south East Asia.

About Mango Teleservices

Mango Teleservices Limited is the only private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) service provider in Bangladesh. Mango owns the IIG license through an open auction from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). With a world class network, equipment, team and International carrier partners, Mango intends to bring affordable quality internet to the masses of Bangladesh together with all stakeholders, their aim is to CLIC (Connect, Learn, Innovate and Collaborate). For more information on Mango Teleservices, please visit the website at  www.mango.com.bd.

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Formal Inauguration of Mango is going to be held at the IIG premises on 21st August Wednesday

Mango Teleservices, the first ever private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) of Bangladesh has very recently started its operations. In a ceremony to be held at the Dhaka IIG premise on 21st August Wednesday, Special Assistant to the Chief Advisor, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and Social Welfare, Brigadier General (Retd) M. A. Malek, will inaugurate operations of the IIG. BTRC Chairman Major General (Retd) Manzurul Alam, among other distinguished guests, will also be present at the ceremony.

Employing cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology and a group of bright young engineers, Mango is set to transform the Internet landscape of Bangladesh for better forever by making Internet access faster and cheaper for the country.


Mango Teleservices chooses Industry leader Cisco to set up technology backbone for first Private International Internet Gateway Services in Bangladesh

Dhaka, BANGLADESH, June 6, 2008 – Mango Teleservices Limited, today announced that it is has chosen Cisco® as the technology solution provider to enable setting up the first private International Internet Gateway (IIG) services in Bangladesh. A first of its kind in the country’s private sector and a key facilitator to Internet Service Providers in the region, Mango’s services are slated to be operational from June 2008.

The services, based on the Cisco IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture, are geared to meet the growing demand for high-speed Internet access services and are aimed at bringing cost effective, quality Internet solution to the masses.

A Mannan Khan, Chairman, Mango Teleservices Ltd. said, “We were looking for a technology solution provider to help us fulfill our dream of being able to provide cost effective, quality Internet solution to the people of Bangladesh. With their ability to understand our specific business requirements and their end-to-end technology expertise, Cisco has been able to provide us a solution which has brought about business transformational changes and most importantly is helping us meet our objective of being a proactive catalyst fueling the growth of Internet penetration in Bangladesh.”

In the first phase, two Point-of-Presence (POP) are being set up in Dhaka and Chittagong and with time, it would be expanded locally and in multiple locations worldwide. The Cisco technology that is being implemented to set up the backbone are XR 12000 Internet Router, 7609 Aggregate Router, ME3400, 7201 and Service Control Engine. The network architecture used is IPv6 and MPLS ready with Terabit switching and routing capability. Once complete, it would provide the end users with a higher Gigabit connectivity thereby giving access to an uninterrupted Internet experience.

Mr. Rajesh Chainani, Sr. Vice President – Service Provider, Cisco India and SAARC said, “We are extremely pleased that Mango Teleservices has chosen the Cisco IP NGN architecture as the basis of their technology backbone. Our goal is to deliver the most advanced network infrastructure that enables Mango to roll out services to customers in timely and cost – effective manner.” He added, “It has been proven that access to high quality bandwidth helps transform the economy of a given country and with Mango rolling out services across Bangladesh, we are confident that this will have a positive impact on the economy of the country,”.

The information and communication market has started growing rapidly as the IP bandwidth has become cheaper with the recent introduction of submarine cables. The Bangladesh IP back bone utilization is less than 2 Gbps with very low internet penetration of 0.35% in 2007 against the Asian average of more than 12%. The IP backbone requirement is expected to increase to 20 Gbps within the next 3 years.

About Mango Teleservices

Mango Teleservices Limited is the only private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) service provider in Bangladesh. Mango owns the IIG license through an open auction from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). With a world class network, equipment, team and International carrier partners, Mango intends to bring affordable quality internet to the masses of Bangladesh together with all stakeholders, their aim is to CLIC (Connect, Learn, Innovate and Collaborate). For more information on Mango Teleservices, please visit the website at  www.mango.com.bd.

About Cisco Systems

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Information about Cisco can be found at  http://www.cisco.com. For ongoing news, please go to http://newsroom.cisco.com. Cisco equipment in India is supplied by Cisco Systems International BV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco, the Cisco logo, and Cisco Systems are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partnership does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. This document is Cisco Public Information.

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