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Network & Equipment

Our Network is built with world class, carrier grade equipments from industry leading vendors. The Network architecture is built with maximum resiliency and very high capacity to accommodate 100 fold internet traffic growth of Bangladesh.

We have selected the network architecture and network devices that can accommodate Terabit traffic switching and routing. The end customers can get Gigabit connectivity to our Network and we can accommodate multiple 10 Gigabit Internet connectivity.

The Network is IPv6 and MPLS ready to help the Internet community of Bangladesh to leapfrog with IPv6 technology.

We are connected to the global internet in more than six points using SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable system and Satellite network. Our Tier-1 carrier connectivity is established through multiple IP-transit and IP peering arrangements with more than six carriers.

We provide true internet connectivity through multiple redundant routes. We also provide the national IX (Internet Exchange) service for ISPs in Bangladesh.

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